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International audit services

International auditing services by IFB experts

Auditing financial reports is the crucial final step in the accounting process. Its purpose is to ensure the accuracy of accounting records and adherence to international standards. This becomes especially vital if you plan to apply for credit from foreign banks or attract investors from other countries.

Accurate accounting is a valuable source of reliable information about your company's performance. Utilizing this data helps interested parties, such as partners and clients, make informed decisions. Additionally, an audit can benefit companies aiming to enhance their procedures and optimize processes to enter the global market.

At IFB, we offer independent auditing services to both public and private companies. Through the auditing process, we understand the effectiveness of your accounting and control systems. Subsequently, we assist you in meeting regulatory requirements. Even though internal compliance audits are not legally mandatory for all enterprises, rest assured that regular evaluations are critical to your company's success.


When should you consider using compliance audit services?

Internal and external compliance audits can bring invaluable benefits to your company if you are focused on the following:
  • Engaging in active collaboration with partners from other countries.
  • Expanding your business to the international market.
  • Establishing partnerships with foreign investors.
  • Obtaining credits and opening accounts in foreign banks.

Benefits of compliance audits

As existing rules expand and new compliance programs are introduced, they transform, like the laws that govern them. The key advantage of an audit is the independent assessment of business processes, which can be improved or modified as adjustments are made to the rules and requirements.
Compliance auditing, both internal and external, helps companies identify weaknesses and gaps in the adherence to norms and standards while also pinpointing ways to enhance them. Recommendations from the audit enable the minimization of risks and avoidance of potential issues, including penalties associated with non-compliance.

International audit services by the IFB team

Our range of services includes:
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Audit of foreign companies
  • Formation of managerial reports
  • Registration and VAT reporting
  • Consultations on the methodologies and practices of accounting in foreign countries
  • Participation in overseas tax audits
  • Preparation of tax declarations for individuals
  • Advisory support for financial transactions and projects.
The cost of our services depends on factors such as business type, region, urgency, and complexity of tasks.

How does the compliance audit process work in collaboration with IFB?

Our team’s interaction with clients typically occurs in several stages:
Project familiarization
We create a compliance audit checklist, assess the scope of the audit, and establish guiding principles.
Legal formalities
We enter into a contract that outlines the procedures for providing auditing services and their payment terms.
We examine documentation, compare it with individual departments, analyze employee efficiency, study internal control mechanisms, and more.
Compilation of the audit report
Based on a comprehensive examination, we formulate a report that includes conclusions about the accuracy of financial data.
Provision of compliance audit consulting
We assist in finding optimal solutions to identified issues and officially publish the report.
Our team is always ready to assist you, regardless of your geographical location.

Do you need an audit for your enterprise? Order our service from one of the top professional team – IFB! Contact our manager to clarify all the collaboration details!

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